Volunteers needed for the creation of Think Youth Independent Empowerment Center in Eight African Countries

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Think Youth Independent Center for Empowerment, will give the youths of these underprivilege area to have the opportunities to secure their future. The project has already started in Cameroon Under the banner of Think Youth Independent Association. The other countires to get involved include Nigeria, Chad, Rwanda, Congo DR, Ethopia, Kenya and Malawi.

Project mission:

This project aims to establish a center for the training of underprivileged youths of HIV/AIDS affected and infected, Orphans, dropouts, Street children and children from low income families. This will be done through computer literacy programs to empower them on self-employment opportunities, organizing a capacity building workshops, trainings and seminars.

Project objectives:

  • 1) Trained them on computer literacy (MS Office Applications).
  • 2) Train them on Computer Hardware (Maintenance and Repairs)
  • 3) Organize capacity building trainings on self employment opportunities.
  • 4) Sensitizes the youth in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Challenges youths face in Cameroon

The is a great focus in achieving the millennium development goals by 2015, all these effort is being put together so as to create a better and secure future for the upcoming generation.   

There have being lots of efforts put by developed countries to achieve these goals by 2015, but the reverse is true within the less developed nations, with Cameroon being a case focus.

Youths constitute about 52% of the general population in Cameroon, with women constituting 30%. These two groups of population face the greatest challenges within our community. 32% of the youths in Cameroon are unemployed, 20% live below 1 US dollar per day, 15% are illiterate, 22% are dropout due to poverty and 25% are HIV/AIDS infected and affected.

Despite the determination put forward by member states of the United Nation Millennium development goal declaration from 6 to 8 September 2000, of which Cameroon is a signatory, he still remains undetermined to evaluate up to 5% or nothing in achieving the millennium goals by 2015.

The high rate of corruption and unaccountability of natural resources in Cameroon is a call for concern.

The increasing rate of globalization is bringing new challenges for poor youths in Cameroon and the less develops countries.

Youths in Cameroon face lots of difficulties to carry out developmental activities due to;

  • - The lack of access for the youths to obtained public services.
  • - The ignorant of the general public especially the youths on their rights to obtain certain documents and services since bribery of public officials is compulsory.
  • - Non transparency within government procedures and accountability
  • - No freedom for reaction against right abuse.
  • - No transparency in voting right.
  • - The threat young people face in exposing the truth.

These dreadful facts and figures make clear the reason why young people in Cameroon are so vulnerable to unwanted pregnancies, early marriages, increasing rate of prostitution, drug abuse, crime, and high rate of HIV/AIDS pandemic.

The fight against corruption and the unaccountability of our government can not be fought by the already corrupt and old leaders, but needs the action of the youths who are showing increasing capabilities and capacities to shape their own future.

All these challenges are not only limited in Cameroon, but are common in many other countries and communities. The youths living in developed or underdeveloped nation should think on the difficulties face by underprivileged ones. Globalization has brought together a common sense of understanding for which a problem face by youths in Africa also affects the youth's initiative in overseas. The less productivity of food in some part of the world has generated food crises in other part of the world.

How do we feel when the youths in Cameroon are carrying of poverty and being shut down by government officials, how do we feel when a great amount of young people die each day in war zones, the youths have to be recognize through solution implementation, participation and decision making.

The youths have being playing important role in the growth of their communities, but a step have to be taken to fostering the already existing actions. There are no easy solutions to stop the already existing challenges face by the young people in our communities.

The network of the eight countries are putting down the prject in one formate. The above statement is just for cameroon. For over view of the global project, contact us for more details.

We need volunteers in the field of web designing for the creation of a web site for the network. We also need the volunteers to help create a fundraising team for the project. Volunteers position are avaliable in Cameroon.

For any question, do not hesitate to contact me.

Thanks and hope to hear from you for the interest to create and build a secure future.