Types of Partnerships

iFOSSF is actively cultivating partnerships in both profit and nonprofit sectors. The types of partnerships include:

  1. Grantmaking
  2. Sponsorship
  3. Research
  4. Collaboration
  5. Certification

Please contact us for iFOSSF partnership programs.


iFOSSF is both a grantee and grantor in that iFOSSF receives gifts from grantmakers and corporate donation in order to expand our work in the public's behalf. In many situations, we identify domain expertise required to fulfill our project missions by providing funds to individuals and other non-profit organizations on a project by project basis.

Grantmaking partnership usually associated with one of our strategic programs or projects for a targeted purpose and/or community. All donors will receive acknowledgement in return for the charitable contribution, which can bolster the company's brand image. Furthermore, given the up take of FOSS in the ICT industry, your contribution will not only help you to accomplish public purposes but also fulfill business purposes in many cases.



Orgnaizations can provide either financial or in-kind support to iFOSSF to strengthen our operational and strategic capacity. Sponsorship can be ranging from software and hardware in-kind support to media and events sponsorship.



Jointly identify and pursue research topics on FOSS enablement, business models and FOSS adoption issues.



iFOSSF activiely seeking partnerships on joint project collaborations under our strategic programs.



This is a topic under development, the idea is to establish certification program to facilitate the establishment of FOSS ecosystem.