FOSS Ecosystem

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The FOSS Movement has evolved from the stages of philosophy and licensing into a complex and pragmatic Ecosystem for software production and distribution benefiting humanity globally. FOSS has introduced technological self-reliance, efficient use and sharing of resources, collaborative innovation and development providing new directions to develop local entrepreneurship. This gives humanity the freedoms of choice and empowerment encouraging development of a local industry and skills that result in immense financial benefits for both developing and developed  countries. 

These countries can now benefit as innovators and developers of software instead of simply being users thus engage within local and global markets. This leads us to believe that one of the most significant success factors to the acceleration of FOSS adoption is to establish and support a healthy Ecosystem at both International and Regional levels to support the supply and demand value chain. This Ecosystem can only be evolved with appropriate equal and open inclusion of multi-stakeholder involvement by Countries, Governments, Public Administration, Academia, Private Sector and Civil Society.

Projects sought under this strategic and dynamic program are:

  • FOSS Partner Network Development
  • FOSS Advocacy, Capacity Building and Education
  • Technology Accreditation Programmes
  • Research & Development studies on factors that influence ICT Production and Consumption Policies enabled by FOSS
  • Effective and Efficient Low-Cost Models for evolving FOSS Ecosystems
  • Localization of FOSS into regional languages, and
  • Production and Compilation of openly accessible resource publications and baseline research documentation as a means to assist FOSS development initiatives worldwide.
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FOSS Ecosystem