ICT Enpowerment

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This strategic program focuses on the continuing and accelerating the development and adoption of FOSS technologies to provide more tools to more people, and to enable more conversation and more commerce with a view to increasing the activity levels and success rates of social entrepreneurism. Example projects in this strategic effort may include:

  • Solutions for local ICT ‘Telecenters':  Distribution of FOSS-based free PCs through corporate refurbishment, community-owned Internet infrastructure and free multimedia social networks for youth and other start-up businesses.
  •  E-Government Business Infrastructure: Tools to encourage increased political activism and engagement, Internet-centric, secured e-voting methods, and process integration to improve local service delivery.
  • Community development: use ICT solutions to enhance the collaboration and dissemination of community based projects locally or remotely,  such as collaborative art work, joint education curriculum development etc.
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ICT enpowerment